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Radar Wireless Transmission

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Radar wireless transmission scheme

  With the progress of science and technology, many new terms come into our eyes. When we just learn to use Internet e-commerce to buy products online, the Internet of things appears and enters our life.

  project overview

  This project is to measure the water level of the pond through the radar object level meter in a pasture in no man's land, and to inform the user to pay attention to the water level when the water level reaches 1/3.

  There is no power supply system on the site of this project. When the user requires the water level to be set, he/she shall send the information through the network and let the user know the water level of the pool through the mobile phone prompt when the water level is set.Therefore, our company designs solutions for users.The solar power generation panel is used to power the Internet of things module and radar level meter on site. The Internet of things module can send signals to the platform of the Internet of things through GPS, 2G, 3G and 4G signals.The Internet of things platform connects to the Internet of things module to receive data through the MB RTU protocol.User information is obtained through conversion calculation.Users can log in through the web page, check the information on WeChat login and set alarm prompt to send to the mobile phone to remind users.


  Technical requirements and project materials

  According to user requirements, the platform has the following functions

  1. Real-time information of material level can be viewed through the mobile APP (as shown in the figure).



  2. Alarm can be set through the mobile APP, and users can be prompted by SMS or mobile APP when the alarm value is reached.


  3. The APP or webpage can check the location of the device with the function of device map (the green position in the figure is the location of the device)


  4.If the user asks to see the water level history curve


  Requirements for radar object level

  According to the special situation of no power supply on site, low energy consumption is the first requirement for radar level meter. The radar level meter produced by our company adopts advanced chip, and after careful design and optimization of the circuit by experts, the energy consumption reaches the minimum, and the factory has been adjusted by professional engineers with high precision.It is the two outstanding characteristics of low energy consumption and high precision that are very suitable for the selection of users.Secondly, users use the outdoor no-man's land.The protection level of our products has reached IP67, which can be used in outdoor harsh conditions without maintenance.

  Requirements for material modules

  The module can set the data transmission cycle according to user requirements, and the response speed must be sensitive, data transmission accurate, low energy consumption and maintenance-free.

  Equipment list


  roduct introduction

  This project adopts hcdar-69 radar, the DN75 bell-mouth adopts 26G amplifier chip, the beam Angle of 8 degrees has a strong penetrating force, and the zero measuring distance can reach 30 meters.

  It has the following features

  1. Continuous and accurate measurement

  Due to the characteristics of electromagnetic wave, it is not affected by the environment.Therefore, its measurement applications are wide.The probe of radar level gauge has no contact with the surface of medium, which is non-contact measurement, and can accurately and quickly measure different media.The probe is almost unaffected by temperature, pressure and gas (0.018% at 500℃ and 0.8% at 50bar).

  2. It can suppress the interference echo

  For example, the interference echo caused by the connector within the beam range and the interference echo caused by the incoming or outgoing noise can be automatically suppressed by the internal fuzzy logic control.

  3. Accurate, safe and energy saving

  Radar level gauge can be measured under vacuum and pressure, and it is accurate, safe and reliable.Can be unrestricted, suitable for a variety of occasions.The chemical and mechanical properties of the materials used in the radar level gauge are quite stable, and the materials can be recycled, which has great environmental protection effect.

  4. No maintenance and strong operability

  With almost no interference and no direct contact with the measuring medium, microwave can be used in almost all kinds of occasions, such as vacuum measurement, liquid level measurement or material level measurement.Due to the use of advanced materials, it is durable for extremely complex chemical and physical conditions, and can provide accurate, operational and long-term stable analog or digital quantity level signals.

  5. Convenient maintenance and simple operation

  The radar level gauge has the function of fault alarm and self-diagnosis.Analyze the fault according to the error code prompted by the operation display module, determine the fault in time and remove it, so as to make the maintenance and correction more convenient and accurate, and ensure the normal operation of the instrument.

  6. Wide range of application, almost all media can be measured

  From the shape of tank body, the radar level meter can measure the liquid level of spherical tank, horizontal tank, cylindrical tank, cylindrical cone tank, etc.From the function of the tank, it can measure the liquid level in the storage tank, buffer tank, microwave tube and bypass tube.From the measured medium, liquid, particle and slurry can be measured.

  7, easy to install, no contact radar, no wear, no pollution.

  Hardly affected by corrosion and foam;Virtually unaffected by changes in atmospheric water vapor, temperature, and pressure.The severe dust environment has little influence on the work of high frequency object level meter.