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How To Repair Radar Level Meter Failure? Did You Do It Right?

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The radar object level meter adopts the method of microwave high impact measurement, and can be normally used in the range of industrial frequency band, with low beam energy. It can be installed in various metal and non-metallic containers or pipelines to continuously measure the object level of liquid, slurry and granular materials without contact.Suitable for dust, temperature, pressure, inert gas and steam exist.No harm to the human body and the environment, so that customers buy radar level to rest assured that it is worth buying.High frequency microwave high impulse is transmitted and received through the antenna system. The radar waves run at the speed of light, and the running time can be converted into the level signal through electronic components.Radar level meter a special time extension method can ensure the stability and measurement in a short time.Even if there is false echo under high and complex working conditions, the microprocessing technology and debugging software can accurately identify the echo of object position.

Features of radar level meter:

Radar level meter is to use microwave technology to detect level of high-tech products, the material level meter using the microwave has a good penetrability, measured materials of bad environment and strong adaptability etc, radar level meter adopting more advanced large-scale integrated circuits, by using the theory of radar, digital signal processing technology, and fast Fourier transform (FFT) technique.Adopt continuous first motion measurement, can measure liquid, solid (block, powder) material level, with distance (35 meters), high accuracy.

Radar level gauges are widely used:

The radar level meter has the advantages of low maintenance, characteristic energy, accuracy, reliability and long service life.Compared with capacitor, heavy hammer and other contact meters high, has incomparable advantages.The transmission of microwave signal is not affected by the atmosphere, so it can meet the requirements of volatile gas, high temperature, high pressure, steam, vacuum and dust in the process.The radar level meter is suitable for high temperature (350℃), high pressure, vacuum, steam, dust and volatile gas and other harsh environment.It can continuously measure different material level.The main technical index of the instrument is up to or better than the similar products at home and abroad, and the installation and debugging is simple, it can be used in a single set, also can be used in a network, can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, energy, petrochemical, water conservancy, grain and other industries.

Radar object level meter fault maintenance:

1. If an alarm occurs at the liquid level within the applicable scope, then:

A. If the liquid level drops below the safe distance, the alarm will disappear immediately;

B. This alarm occurs when the initial debugging tank is completely empty, which can be eliminated through interference suppression.

2. If there is interference echo in the container, then:

A. Check whether the material level meter is installed correctly and eliminate installation interference;

B. can be eliminated by fixed target inhibition.

3. If the output current is always 4mA and there is no error alarm, check whether the output is 0.

4. If the gauge head is blocked and full tank is displayed at the same time, the radar level meter shall compare its parameter Settings. If the parameters are correct, the spectrum of empty tank shall be done to solve the problem.