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Bin Dust Valve Radar Installation Scheme

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In recent years, due to the increasing pressure of environmental protection control by the state, the environmental protection requirements for dust removal equipment and its enclosed ash bin, stock bin and storage tank in metallurgical industry are becoming more and more strict.When the automobile carries the material to the storehouse, because the spot dust is big, easy to cause the big injury to the human body, will cause the silicosis, the pneumoconiosis and so on the occupational disease seriously.With its integrated design, no moving parts, no mechanical wear, anti-dust interference, long service life and other advantages, the radar material level meter quickly enters the field of industrial measurement and control.The radar level meter adopted in this scheme has been widely used in metallurgical industry, medical treatment, chemical industry, coal, river, reservoir and other industries. Due to its strong anti-interference ability and accurate measurement, it can perfectly realize the process requirements of automatic switch dust removal valve control.The specific installation technology scheme is as follows:

I. project overview

This project is designed for the construction scheme of installing radar level meter to realize automatic control for the dust removal valve of the stock bin.This project is subject to the dust removal valve control of the material storage bin, and its main equipment is realized by radar level meter, field operation box, intelligent display instrument, and purge pipeline can be added according to the field dust working condition (if more sets need PLC, computer acquisition display control system is added).The radar material level meter adopts two-wire system for power supply, input 24 V DC, output 4 ~ 20 mA, field display and control or completely controlled by PLC.Screw mounting is adopted.

This project mainly pays attention to whether there are obstacles in the field when installing radar, to prevent car collision, vertical or horizontal installation.Purge line to be installed to close upper valve and reduce pressure.Pay attention to the wiring sequence of secondary instrument to prevent burning out the instrument.

Ii. Main ideas and final scheme of the scheme design

Floor dust valve



he technical requirement of this project is that when the puller arrives at the stock bin to unload the material, the radar object level meter outputs 4-20ma signal to the control system through detection distance.(normally, the current signal output from unloading without skip car is different from that of unloading with skip car.) the control system determines whether a vehicle is unloading through the current signal output from radar.When a vehicle drives in, the radar current signal increases, and the dust removal valve is opened by setting the output switch signal.When the vehicle leaves the unloading area after unloading, the radar monitoring output current decreases, and the control system recognizes it and closes the dust removal valve after delay processing.Therefore, the automatic ash discharge process requirements are realized.The equipment process diagram is shown in FIG. 1.The process flow chart is shown in FIG. 2.

The advantage of this project is that it cleverly USES the function of radar to check the distance to judge the skip situation in the unloading area.First of all, such a control system can automatically open the dust removal valve when unloading the materials on the vehicle, and automatically close the dust removal valve when unloading the materials on the vehicle, thereby reducing the guards or no guards and improving the work efficiency.Secondly, such a control system can effectively control the dust removal valve switch, reduce fan load and reduce energy waste.Third, dust removal valve can be controlled to maximize the negative pressure of dust removal and achieve the most ideal dust removal effect.On the other hand, it reduces the operation of on-site personnel, to a certain extent avoids the injury of vehicles to personnel, and plays an important role in saving production costs.

In order to ensure the construction of the project according to the quality and quantity, our company will select excellent employees with rich construction experience and valid construction operation certificate to participate in the construction, and closely contact with the relevant units on the site, and do all the preparation work;At the same time also need to get the support of the above cooperation units to complete the construction task.





Equipment and materials provided

1. The equipment provided is as follows:

1.1 secondary table with field display and control box (scheme 1 application)

1.2 PLC module and its supporting software (scheme ii application)

2. Materials provided:

2.1. Provide operation manual;

2.2. Provide operating instructions and maintenance instructions for the radar material level meter;

2.3 party b shall provide on-site operation training and maintenance training for party a's operators;

Iv. Implementation standards of this program

Gbj147-90 code for construction and acceptance of low-voltage electrical appliances in electrical installation engineering

Gb50150-91 electrical equipment handover test standard for electrical equipment installation engineering

Gb50169-92 code for construction and acceptance of grounding device in electrical installation engineering

Construction technology of lightning protection grounding device and electrical grounding device

Jgj46-2005 temporary electrical safety specification for construction site

Gb50231-98 general specification for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation engineering

V. customer's on-site working conditions and control cases