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Issues that should be paid attention to in the installation of small pressure transmitters

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As a precision instrument, small pressure transmitters need to pay special attention to some problems during on-site installation, so as not to damage the pressure transmitter or fail to work properly due to installation errors. The following are the points you should pay attention to when installing pressure transmitters on site Some matters:


1 All pressure transmitters are shipped with product qualification certificates and instructions for use, which include product numbers, technical parameters, wiring diagrams, date of delivery, etc. Please check carefully to avoid incorrect use.


2. During installation, check whether the on-site interface is consistent with the pressure transmitter interface according to the connection mode and thread type of the pressure transmitter. If it is a threaded interface, it should be tightened slowly and pay attention to the seal. The torque cannot be directly applied to the transmitter housing, but only on the six sides of the pressure interface.


3. Pay attention to the outlet mode of the pressure transmitter, there are two-wire system, three-wire system and four-wire system. The wiring should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the pressure transmitter product instructions.


4. The small pressure transmitter is a precision energy conversion instrument, and it is forbidden to disassemble, collide, drop, and vigorously shake it at will.


5. It can work when it is powered on, but the output is stable after 30 minutes of preheating.


6. If an abnormality is found during use, the power should be turned off, stopped using, and checked, or directly to the technical department of the manufacturer.


7. Be careful not to break the outer skin of the induction wire during installation and use.


8. Effective lightning protection measures should be taken at the installation site.


9. When the pressure transmitter is transported, or when it is not used for storage, it should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse.


In addition, small pressure transmitters have generally been zero-adjusted and range adjusted before they leave the factory. If you feel it is necessary to check it yourself, or if you need to check it after a period of use, you can proceed as follows: 4-20mA When the pressure transmitter is not pressurized, the output should be 4mA. If it is not, adjust the zero point resistor until the output is 4mA; when the pressure is added to the full range, the output is 20mA, if not, adjust the full-scale resistor Until the output is 20mA.