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Unite All Human Resources and Create Great Achievements Again

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Live up to the midsummer, live up to the youth, the future can be expected with all the way forward. The league construction activities of the HCCK middle-level managers team is successfully concluded!

The purpose of this team building activity is to:

1. Increase middle-level welfare, exercise, and relieve work pressure;

2. Enhance team cohesion, improve communication attitude, and enhance personal temperament and character;

3. Carry out activities focusing on "service and efficiency improvement" to provide reasonable suggestions.


This mountaineering competition is divided into three groups, the ranks will be given based on the time of each team members climb to the peak. At this time, under 36 degrees outdoor temperature, with extremely hot air, flowing sweat and rugged mountain roads, every team member challenges himself and does not give up. Although it was a competition, the whole managers team still give helps each other, giving care and encouragement. Although different kinds of problems were encountered during the climbing, everyone firmly believed that victory was imminent, fighting for the team and fighting for themselves, and finally all three teams reached the top. This mountaineering not only allowed everyone to get physical exercise, get close to nature, and release pressure, but the competition also made the whole team more cohesive, increased teamwork ability, and everyone worked together to get the collective honor!



In the team building activity, after enjoying the joy of reaching the top of the mountain, a salon meeting was organized to focus on optimizing services and improving efficiency based on the company's existing systems and processes. Allowing everyone to draw on the wisdom of the masses. During the meeting, the leaders of various departments discussed fiercely, and put forward reasonable suggestions for the daily work and service of the marketing department, technology department, purchasing department, and finance department, which improved the efficiency while optimizing the service for the company.



Through this middle-level force team building activity, the middle-level force will challenge themselves, overcome difficulties, and rise to the challenge; let each department receive a lot of rationalization measures to optimize services and improve efficiency, which has played a key role in promoting the development of the company.