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Radar level gauge accuracy

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In recent years, the application range of radar level gauges has become wider and wider, and has been favored by customers and friends. So, does this mean that the measurement accuracy of my country's radar level gauge has also reached the international technical level?

In fact, in terms of my country's current production technology status and the level of development of my country's instrumentation industry, there is still some gap with the international level. Because of this, it is necessary to deepen the awareness of radar level gauges, and to find gaps on the basis of a true understanding of the product so as to further innovate and improve.

Therefore, experts introduced that, regarding the measurement accuracy of the radar level gauge, the measurement range of the radar level gauge is calculated from the point where the beam touches the tank low. However, in special circumstances, if the tank bottom is concave or tapered, when the level is Measurements cannot be performed below this point. In addition, if the medium has a low dielectric constant when it is at a low liquid level, the bottom of the tank is visible. At this time, in order to ensure the measurement accuracy, it is recommended to set the zero point at the low height C.

Theoretically, it is possible to measure up to the tip of the antenna, but considering the effects of corrosion and adhesion, the final value of the measurement range should be at least 100mm away from the tip of the antenna. After clearing the measurement of the radar level gauge, let’s learn about the requirements for the installation of the radar level gauge:

1. The recommended distance (1) from the wall to the outer wall where the short pipe is installed.

2. The distance from the tank wall is 1/6 of the tank diameter, and the minimum distance is 200mm.

3. It cannot be installed above the inlet (4).

4. If the distance between the instrument and the tank wall cannot be maintained, the medium on the tank wall will adhere to cause false echoes. The false echo storage should be carried out when debugging the instrument.

The absolute amount of the general standard error of the accuracy of the radar level gauge:

Measurement level: 0.5mm, 1mm (this grade of radar is obviously higher in various parameters)

Monitoring level: 3mm

Process level: 5mm, 10mm.

For high-precision radars, communication must be used to retain the accuracy, because the current signal accuracy is one-thousandths. For example, for a range of 10m, one-thousandth is 1cm, and the accuracy of less than 1cm is submerged in the signal.