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Market overview of level meters

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Instrumentation as a measuring instrument is now a relatively complete subject. The development of modern instrumentation occupies a vital position in the development process of industry.

Driven by modern science and technology and productivity, the instrument that was originally used as a measuring instrument has developed into a relatively complete discipline and is playing an increasingly important role in today's national economy and technological development. Experts summed up its role and said: Instrumentation is the "pioneer" of scientific research, the "multiplier" of industrial production, the "combat power" in the military, and the "materialized judge" in national activities.

According to the international development trend and the current situation of our country, modern instruments and meters are roughly divided into 6 categories according to their application fields and their own technical characteristics, namely, industrial automation instruments and control systems, scientific instruments, electronic and electrical measurement, medical instruments, and various special-purpose instruments. Instruments, sensors and instrumentation components and materials.

Level instrument is an important instrument indispensable in industrial production. my country has a vast territory and a complete range of industries, so there is a great demand for level instruments. At the same time, competition is fierce. There are many domestic level instrument manufacturers, but most of them are products with lower technical content and lower prices. There are many units sold, but the value is not high. Most of the modern new instruments are imported, especially the level instruments used by large enterprises are basically imported instruments, and even pressure or differential pressure level gauges use imported or joint venture pressure or differential pressure transmitters. Therefore, the development and production of level meters is still the key to occupying the domestic level meter market.

Solid material level measurement has always been a problem, and it is difficult to have an accurate and reliable best measurement method. In the past, the heavy hammer was the main type. This kind of mechanical instrument has many failures and short life. In recent years, radio frequency admittance, ultrasonic, radar, and laser level meters have shown their own characteristics in the measurement of solid materials, which has significantly improved the level of solid materials measurement. At present, the radio frequency admittance level meter is relatively more adaptable and the price is lower. The advantages of the ultrasonic level meter for non-contact measurement in occasions where the amount of dust is not large can be fully embodied. These two kinds of instruments will be strong competitors in the solid material measurement market. At the same time, liquid level measurement is also paying more and more attention in the environmental protection industry. Environmental protection, including the sewage treatment industry, has developed rapidly in recent years, and the required level gauges continue to increase. Sewage treatment, pools, and water tanks used to be mostly static pressure level gauges. As the price of ultrasonic level gauges continues to decrease, they will be very useful in the environmental protection industry, especially in mud level measurement and mud water layer measurement. Show its superiority.