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Radar Level Sensor Solutions For Molten Iron Tank

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When the molten iron is filled by blast furnace iron water tank, the liquid level of molten iron in the tank is determined by manual visual measurement mostly. Because the temperature of molten iron is about 1000℃, so it is dangerous to observe closely. And in winter if there is some fog, the visibility is limited, so this way is not safe and not accurate. Easy to happen that the molten iron is overflow or not enough filling.

So design one display system of molten iron level in tank could be useful to monitor the liquid level of molten iron, convenient for operator to control the flow at the outlet of tank, meanwhile could be able to prevent the overflow outside to avoid the safety accident, provide guarantee for safe producing. On the other hand, we can ensure the load capacity of tank utmost based on safe, also could save cost for transportation.


Based on the high frequency radar technology features, combine our company developed isolation device developed on the high temperature and pressure resistant technology, to fulfill the target of molten iron level measurement. The special material being as isolation layer of this device, this the high temperature, high pressure and heavy dust types of media are sealed in the tank, makes the radar level sensor don’t need to contact with high temperature and pressure conditions. So it will not be affected by this difficult environment, and isolation device reduces the temperature for radar sensor, ensures the best performance of radar sensor. 

According to the field conditions, apply the nitrogen purging design, diagram as follows:

Main parts :

Ø radar level sensor

Ø high temperature isolation device

Ø connect flange

Ø display meter

2.Installation of radar level sensor

The measuring device is installed above the iron outlet. When installing it, holes should be made in the dust removal cover above the iron outlet and the installation base should be welded. Try to open the hole directly above the center of the tank, but avoid the falling stream of iron which will cause the mistake of radar sensor. 

The signal transmit antenna of radar level sensor should be kept straightly with the liquid surface. Ensure the radar wave is transmitted directly to the surface and will be reflected back. Slant installation will influence the accuracy of measurement.


According to the position of operator choose the suitable places for radar sensor installation. In order to avoid the interference of electromagnetic, the cable between radar sensor and display meter should be at least 1.5mm² double cores shielded cable. Use metal pipe to protect the cable, and it should be grounded. Inside of the radar sensor, shield must be connected with terminals inside. External grounding terminals on the housing must be connected to potential compensation.

1. System features

       1.1 Continuous measurement. Because of HCDAR series radar level sensor uses non-contact measuring method, it is isolated with the medium, continuous measurement. High frequency radar could reach 0-70m range.

       1.2 Small transmit angle, ±5mm accuracy. Based on the advantage of radar technology, it could reduce the influence caused by the diffuse reflection of particles. And improved the measuring accuracy.

       1.3 Radar level sensor could track the level on real time, we can read the level change on display screen of meter.System composition is simple, easy to install and maintain. Small size,use 2 wire loop power supply, 24V DC, output 4-20mA. Flange connection

2. Devices and documents

        1. Devices

              1.1 radar level sensor 1 pcs

              1.2 air purge high temperature isolation device 1 set

              1.3 M20*100 ( bolt, nut, ring, washer)

              1.4 Display screen of radar

              1.5 Fasteners and sealing elements

              1.6 Secondary display meter , controller cabinet

        2. Documents

               2.1 Operation manual

               2.2 Instructions of radar sensor and maintenance instructions

               2.3 Training provided by party B for workers of party A for sealed well.