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Solutions Of Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor For Complicated Conditions In Silos

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Project Overview

This project comes from one feed factory, they need level sensor installed on the top of feed producing silos where has complicated situations.  

We need to solve 2 problems for radar sensor selection for this project

1. There are 3 layers of staggered pipes inside so the installing space is narrow.

2. And the pipes will send steam into silo in order to heat the materials inside.  


Our company sent technique to the locale and investigated the situation of silos,  in order to solve that two problems, we selected the guided wave radar level sensor. Because the guided wave cable could pass the space between pipes, which could avoid the false echo generated by non-contact type sensor. And the guided wave radar sensor has strong ability to overcome the steam. 


Below is the actual installation of our radar level sensor:

Devices and Documents:

1. Devices

1.1 HCDAR-51 guided wave radar level sensor , 1 pcs.

1.2 Process connection flange   1pcs

2. Documents:

2.1 Operation manual  1pcs

2.2 Notes for filed use , notes for installation.



1. Continuously measurement, HCDAR-51 radar level sensor adopts contact type measuring principle, electromagnetic wave transfers along the cable and will be reflected back when it reaches the surface of materials. The height will be calculated out then.

2. Installation is easy, only need to do some simple configuration of parameters and then you will get exact value of measurement, and it ensures the long service life under stable performance which no need routine maintenance.