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1. Card display


Parameter card function, shown on monitoring interface, display various values, status of devices and other contents in the form of cards, with clear interface and convenient observation. 



2. Map scene


GIS(geographic information system) could show various location informations on map, users could get the information of project, device directly on map. Also could click the map icon to check details of project. 



3. configuration display


Configuration display is to display all kinds of information collected in the automatic process and equipment in a graphical and other more understandable way, which can realize the monitoring and control of the automatic process and equipment. Real-time display of data, animation, values, charts, videos, maps...Multiple data statistics and analysis make data monitoring more intuitive.


Through the configuration function, the big data of each parameter that needs to be monitored can be displayed on the same screen, and users can understand all big data information covered by the system in the interface.



4. Alarm warning


Preset alarm conditions to realize early warning and alarm functions. When the collected data exceeds the set high and low range value, abnormal communication, or pipeline leakage is detected, the platform can automatically send SMS, email, voice, WeChat and other alarm information to the administrator to control the abnormal operation in a timely manner.



5. data report


Functions of data report, supporting users to collect data in various ways, including daily report, monthly report, annual report or interval report. You can use the report to see how the monitored data changes over time.