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Hebei Huachuang M&C Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014, located in Fengnan economical area in Tangshan , HCCK is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in level measuring instruments.


Adhering to the craftsman spirit of dedication,professionalism and innovation, Huachuang People are committed to the R&D and producing of level measuring and control technology and supporting IOT software. And developed a system which integrates automatic control and monitoring according to the customer needs. At present,all products have obtained various of international and domestic patents and certificates.Products have been sold to more than 28 provinces in China and over 35 countries abroad. It has been widely used in electric power, steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, construction, petroleum and other industries.


After years of unremitting efforts, HCCK has entered the stage of vigorous development. In the future,we will strive for development based on the market and continue to create and innovate. Control quality with more stringent standards, and provide better service for more partners.

HCCK is willing to create and share the glorious future with you together! 





our products are sold to 35 countries abroad




professional research and development team

Annual sales of tens of thousands of units



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Hebei Huachuang M&C Technology Co.,Ltd,Huachuang People are committed to the R&D and producing of level measuring and control technology and supporting IOT software.

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Take " deliver trust to customers and make cooperation be simple and pleasant" as our mission; take" always consider customers as top priority " as core values. HCCK is wishing to provide more partners with superior products and service.
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We have an independent radar research and development, production and assembly, to provide users high precision, safe control equipment.

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Please contact us through this box for any inquiries.

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The company was established in 2014



Application:Liquid Measurement
Measuring Range:0~120m
Antenna Type:Lens /PTFE
Mounting Thread:Thread G1.5
Beam angle:8°

Response Time:<0.6s ( Due To Parameter Setting)

Medium Temperature: (-40~120)℃

DK Value Of Medium: >1.5

Process Pressure:(-0.1~2)MPa



HCDAR-80 Liquid Solid Powder

HCDAR-80 Liquid Solid Powder

HCDAR-80S Liquid Measurement

HCDAR-81 Liquid Solid Powder

HCDAR-81S Measurement Of Solid

Application : Solid Material, Solid Powder, All kinds Of Dust Environment
Measuring Range: 0~70m
Connection Process: Flange
Medium Temperature :(-40~350)℃
Process Pressure :(-0.1~2)MPa Directional 
Accuracy: ±15mm
Signal Output : (4~20)mA HART/RS485 MODBUS

Explosion-Proof Grade: Ex ia IIC T1-T6 Ga/Ex d IIC T6 Gb

Protection Grade: IP68


HCDAR-63  Radar flow sensor  

HCDAR-61 Corrosive Liquids

HCDAR-62 Solid,Liquid,Slurry

HCDAR-63 Solid Particals, Solid Powder, All kinds Of Dust Environment

HCDAR-64 Solid Material, Solid Powder, All kinds Of Dust Environment



Measuring Range:0-30m
Connection Process:Thread
Process Pressure:≤0.3MPa

Protection Grade:Display Meter IP66/Probe IP67

Signal Output:(4-20)mA/RS485Modbus

HCUS-300 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter-HART bus type

HCUS-400-Standard Solids,Liquids


HCDN-504 RF Admittance Level Meter

Application:Liquid, Solid
Measuring Range:10PF~5000PF
Allow Work Pressure:0.1~2MPa
Allowable Ambient Temperature:-35℃~65℃
Accuracy:<0.5% Actual Measured Value
Protection Grade:IP67
Signal Output:(4-20)mA Alarm Output

Shell:Die-Casting Aluminum

Cable Entry: M20*1.5

Explosion proof Grade:Exd[ia Ga]IIC T6 Gb

HCDN-501 RF Admittance Level Transmitter

HCDN-502 RF Admittance Level Transmitter

HCDN-503 RF Admittance Level Transmitter

HCDN-504 RF Admittance Level Transmitter

HCDB-50 Hydrostatic level Sensor


Measuring Range:Min 0-0.5 Meter Max 0-350 Meter
Process Connection:Thread,Flange
Medium Temperature:-20~80℃
Accuracy:0.1%FS 0.2%FS 0.5%FS
Housing Protection Grade:IP66

Power Supply:24V DC

Signal Output:4-20mATwo-Wire/RS485Modbus

HCDB-30 Simple Submersible Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

HCDB-50 Submersible Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Application:Pressure, Liquid Level Measurement
Sensor Type:Silicon Piezoresistive Sensor
Measuring Range:0-60MPa
Long-Term Stability:Better Than 0.2%FS Per Year
Medium temperature:(-40~105)℃
Signal Output:RS485MODBUS-RTU/0-5VDC,0-10VDC

HCEP-10 Pressure Transmitter

HCDP-10 Pressure Transmitter

HCDP-11 Pressure Transmitter

HCDP-12 Pressure Transmitter

HCDP-20 Pressure Transmitter

HCDP-30 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Application:Liquid Level,Pressure, Flow, Density, Measurement
Sensor Type:Single Crystal Silicon Differential Pressure Sensor
Measuring Range:(Single End Overpressure ≤16MPa)
Long-Term Stability:Better Than 0.2%FS Per Year
Medium temperature:(-40~104)℃
Signal Output:Two-Wire System (4-20) mA/HART Agreement
Display:Intelligent housing with LCD and backlight

Protection grade:Exd[ia Ga]IIC T6 Gb

HCDP-30 Differential Pressure Transmitter

HCDP-31 Differential Pressure Transmitter

HCDP-32 Differential Pressure Transmitter

HCMJ-11 Material Flow Detector 

Application:It Can Be Used In Steel, Chemical, Mining, Building 
Supply voltage : 24V DC
Measuring range : 0-2m
Operating temperature : (-20 ~ 60)℃
Working pressure : 1bar
Output signal : switch quantity
Response time : (1 ~ 15)S adjustable
Protection grade : IP65
Material flow requirements : greater than 0.1m/s

HCUHZ Magnetic Level Indicator

HCZX Rotary Paddle Level Switch

HCYC Tuning Fork Level Switch



Original imported chip, military grade non-standard device


24-hour after-sales tracking service throughout the year


Professional R&D team, domestic top R&D and testing equipment


Covering all industries in 29 provinces and cities nationwide, the products are exported to more than ten Southeast Asian countries.


HCDAR-80 FMCW Radar Level Transmitter is in an auto parts company in Suzhou

HCDAR-62 Radar Level Transmitter、HCSM-6000 Velocity Sensor Application case of river water level measurement

HCIOT-71 integrated radar level sensor wireless transmission pumping station application case

HCDAR-81 FMCW Radar Level Transmitter large silo measurement application case in thermal power plant




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