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HCSP-30 Rf Admittance Level Switch

Application:Solid Particles, Powder Liquid Conductive Non-Conductive Materials
Power Source:220V AC or 24V DC
Relay Capacity :DPDT rated 5A
Time-Delay Relay:0~30 Second adjustable
Rate Work:3W
Medium Temperature:-40℃~200℃
Environment Temperature:-40℃~80℃
Cable Inlet:M20*1.5 or ½ NPT
Case description

RF admittance material switch is based on theory of radio frequency admittance , modular designed with economical and practical advantages. It can be used to measure different mediums in various of conditions.

RF admisttance material level switch consists of an electronic unit, an outside shell and a probe.
Main installation is top mounted and side mounted . Note : the shell of meter must be grounded reliably. 
HCSP-30 supports separate installation, which can effectively avoid the influence of high temperature, strong earthquake, strong corrosion and toxic substances on the electronic units.

1. Strong versatility: it can measure liquid level and material level, also can meet the requirements of different temperature, pressure, mediums。 Also can be used in corrosion, impact and other bad occasions.
2. Anti-hanging of material: the unique circuit design and sensor structure make its measurement free from the influence of the sensor hanging material, no need to clean regularly, and avoid mismeasurement.
3. Maintenance-free: no moving parts during measuring, no mechnical parts damage problem , no need regular maintenance.
4. Anti-interference: contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, can overcome the influence of steam, foam and agitation . 
5. Accurate and reliable: the measurement quantity is diversified, which makes the measurement more accurate. Not affected by environmental changes, with high stability and long service life.

Selcection and application
Both 24V and 220VAC power supply are optional , DPD 5A relay output, can control min equipment directly , the sensitivity and output delay can be adjusted by potentiometer at the field. Also can customize high temperature type.
型 号:
型 号::
HCSP-30 Rf Admittance Level Switch

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