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HCDN-504 RF Admittance Level Transmitter

Application:Liquid, Solid
Measuring Range:10PF~5000PF
Allow Work Pressure:0.1~2MPa
Allowable Ambient Temperature:-35℃~65℃
Accuracy:<0.5% Actual Measured Value
Protection Grade:IP65
Signal Output:(4-20)mA Alarm Output
Housing:Die Casting Aluminum
Cable Entry:M20*1.5
Explosion proof Grade:Exd[ia Ga]IIC T6 Gb
Case description

The Radio frequency admittance measurement technology is a unique level measurement technique with special advantage,  when the level sensor  prove installed on the container, then it wil form a capacitor, probe (measuring electrode) as a capacitor plate, container as another plate (if the container is an insulation material, then need add a reference electrode), when the level rises, capacitance will change caused by the changes of the dielectric properties between two plates, this change will make the radio wave fluctuating which act on the RF admittance switch probes, and then RF circuit will detect the change of radio waves , convert it into linear output current.
Since the RF admittance level meter is working on the basis of capacitance measurement, each working condition environment is different. So each instrument should be installed and calibrated on site before normal use.

RF admittance level sensor has simple design structure, it contains shell , circuit components , probe (cable or rod), process connectors .
Commonly use vertical installation, of course, if there is limit condition we can choose slanting installation . However, it should not be installed near the feeding port, and must avoid internal obstacles and material impact. For non-conducting non-metallic tanks, ground electrodes should generally be added to increase the reliability of the measurement. For the measurement of conductive medium, it is necessary to protect the insulation layer of the probe from damage and prevent short circuit caused by the damage.   Note: the meter shell must be reliably grounded.
All models of RF admittance level sensors support separate installation, effectively avoid the impact of high temperature, strong shock, strong corrosion, toxic and harmful substances to electronic units.

1. Simple calibration: the calibration can be accomplished automatically with any two points in height of container at one time .
2. Strong adaptability: the special anti-impact, anti-wear probe sheath material can make the sensor working reliably in the environment of high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, strong adhesion, strong impact, strong wear and heavy dust.
3. Maintenance free: due to the simple structure of the sensor, no moving parts, so once put into operation, no need any maintenance.
4. Various application: it could be used for liquid or solid materials.

Selection and application
Coaxial insulation hard rod type, suitable for low dielectric constant liquid, strong stirring occasion measurement.The maximum measuring range is 2.5 m.
型 号:
型 号::
HCDN-504 RF Admittance Level Transmitter

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