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HCDB-50 Submersible Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Measuring Range:Min 0-0.5 Meter Max 0-350 Meter
Process Connection:Thread,Flange
Medium Temperature:-20~80℃
Accuracy:0.1%FS 0.2%FS 0.5%FS
Housing Protection Grade:IP66
Power Supply:24V DC
Signal Output:4-20mATwo-Wire/RS485Modbus
Case description

The input level gauge is based on the principle that the static pressure of the measured liquid is proportional to the height of the liquid. The pressure signal is converted
into electrical signal by the pressure sensor, and then converted into standard current signal or digital signal after temperature compensation and linear calibration.
When the liquid level transmitter is put into a certain depth in the measured liquid, the pressure formula of the sensor diaphragm is as follows:
Ρ = ρ * g * H + Po
in the formula :
P → Pressure on the sensor diaphragm
ρ → The density of the liquid being measured
g → Local gravitational acceleration
H → the depth of where level sensor is in the liquid
P0 → Liquid surface atmosphere pressure
Use meter pressure sensor , connect the cavity of the level gauge witho the atmospheric pressure through the air tube to offset the P0, so we can get P = P * g * H,  Obviously, the liquid level height can be obtained by converting the measured pressure value. That is: H = P/(P * g)


Pressure sensor, air conducting cable, probe, meter shell, electronic components.


3.1  use high quality cable with air duct;  can choose field display; 
3.2  two kinds of sensors are optional, various application conditions, ceramic sensorwith big hole design, anti-blocking, anti-corrosion.
3.3  use imported silicon piezoresistive sensor with high accuracy and good stability;
3.4  directly put into the measured liquid, simple installation.

HCDB-50  Submersible Hydrostatic Level Transmitter
Selection and Application
Simple type, ceramic capacitive sensor ,without display part, max range can reach 350m( customized if beyond this range) , signal output has 2 options: (4-20)mA or RS485 Modbus standard protocol. 
Appearance and parameters
Sensor type: Submersible 
Measuring range: cable : Min 0-0.5 Meter Max 0-350 Meter
Medium temperature: -20~80℃
Accuracy : 0.1%FS 0.2%FS 0.5%FS 
Power supply : 24V DC
Signal output: 4-20mATwo-Wire/RS485Modbus
型 号:
型 号::
HCDB-50 Submersible Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

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