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Application:River, Hydrology, Water Conservancy
Measuring Range:0.1-25m/s
Connection Distance:0.3-30m
Resolution:0. 1mm/s
Data Update Cycle:1 Second
Transmitting Frequency:24GHz (K Band)
Communication Interface:RS-232/RS-485
Power Supply:12V
Machine Power Consumption:1.75W
Case description


HCSM-600 radar flow sensor is akind of radar which applies the Doppler Effect to detect the position of moving objects and relative moving speed .  It uses the multi-point , multi-layer flow rate analyzer which is developed by the modern adcanced signal processing technology . The biggest characteristic is that it can be installed randomly on the side or top of the measured river or channel as required,  the installation method can be set randomly according to the site situation, so as to measure multiple velocity values within the range of installed radar sector  accurately, and calculate the average velocity according to multiple velocity data. Then combine the field water level mapping , we can calculate out the flow rate of the river in various sections of regular or irregular fluid accurately.


HCSM-6000 radar flow sensor is composited by electronic units , shells , transmitting antenna and others.



1. Non-contact detection by planar microwave radar ,not affected by climate, sediment and floating objects。
2. Fast and accurate measurement, stable data output, and suitable for high velocity environment in flood period.
3. Anti - condensation, waterproof, lightning protection design, suitable for  various of outdoor environments.

Application : radar flow sensor can be installed on the top or side of the measured rivers or channels according the site condition randomly. Choose the suitable installation method according the reality requirements. Fulfill the non-contact monitoring of unattended points hydrology, water conservancy, drainage and irrigation fields and simplify the traditional water conservancy flow measurement method.
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