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IOT Radar Level Transmitter

Measuring Range:0-70m
Process Temperature:(-40~100)℃
Signal Output:RS485/Modbus Protocol/(4~20)mA
Power Source:Lithium Battery + Solar Power Supply
Process Connection:Stainless Steel
Characteristic:With 24V lithium battery + solar power supply,
GPRS,2G,3G,4G communication,high precision; Strong anit-interfence
Application:It is suitable for monitoring the water level of lakes,
rivers, reservoirs,open channels, tidal water level and pondi
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Product features

Application cases

The HCIOT-71 radar produced by our company could be widely used in the level monitoring of large tanks, lakes, rivers,

reservoirs and tidal waters. The independent solar power system is convenient and efficient. It can ensure more than 3 days

of continuous power supply without sunshine conditions. The special customized RTU,DTU devices which can transmit

signals stably, coupled with the developed IOT system and high performance Ali-Cloud platform servers, they can provide

stable and reliable measurements for users. And users can view the data at anytime/anywhere through mobile and Web


Intelligent IOT cloud platform: it transfers the data of various measurement and control instruments to the company’s

cloud database through DTU or RTU devices, login the system to monitor and control the equipment trough WEB or mobile

WeChat official account. Main functions : recording, monitoring, remote controlling, device locating, fault alarming ( SMS and

WeChat send alarm information ).

HCIOT-71 integrated radar level sensor: lithium battery and independent solar panel power supply system are used together

with the intelligent IOT cloud platform.

It is widely used in the level monitoring of reservoirs, river channels, lakes, reservoir ponds, liquid storage tanks, irrigation areas of farmlands and other remote areas unattended where is too far or inconvenient for wiring and power supply.

Lithium battery and solar power supply system, DTU or RTU transmission equipment, Radar level transmitter, Cloud database and software, mobile and PC software application.

The HCIOT-71 integrated radar level sensor produced by our company, using solar power supply system , RTU or DTU

terminal equipment collecting data, coupled with low power consumption radar level sensor , transmit the data collected to a individual cloud platform server through GPRS or 4G signals , users can view the real-time data or historical data by

mobile or web ends , also realized the remote setting and control. Meanwhile, we can do secondary development of the

software system under the personalized needs of customers .  High performance server, advanced IOT system, powerful

database software and accurate radar level sensor , could provide stable and reliable service for customers.

This product could be applied in the level monitoring of large tanks, lakes, rivers, reservoirs and tidal waters. The picture

shows that our products are installed over the river channels . Because there is inconvenient to provide power supply and

wiring for signal transmission, our company decided to install integrated radar so as to help the user to monitor the level

situation at any time through mobile or web ends.

型 号:
型 号::
HCIO-71 integrated radar water level gauge