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Application: Solids, Powders, Liquids
Measuring Range:0~30m
Connection Process:Thread、Flange
Medium Temperature:(-40~250)℃
Process Pressure:(-0.1~2)MPa
Signal Output:(4~20)mA HART
Explosion-Proof Grade:Ex ia IIC T1-T6 Ga/Ex d IIC T6 Gb
Protection Grade:IP68
Frequency Range:500MHZ~1.8GHZ
Case description


The guided wave radar level transmitter is used for liquid, solid particles and small size oil tanks, all kinds of conductive and non-conductive mediums. Such as coal bunker, ash bin, oil tanks and etc. Guided wave radar level transmitter offers continuously measurement of the level of liquids, particles and slurries. The measurement won’t be affected by the medium type, temperature, inert gas, steam, dust, foam and so on. The accuracy could reach to 3mm, the measuring range can be 30 meters, high temperature resistance could be 250 centigrade and high pressure resistance can be 20 kgs. 



1. The emitted electromagnetic wave is constant, no need on-site verification nor migration to change the range.
2. There are various installation methods, which can be connected by thread or flange.
3. Changes in temperature, pressure, and density have no effect on the measurement.
4. There are no moving parts in the measurement process, no damage to mechanical parts, and maintenance free.
5. Almost all liquids and fixed particle mediums can be measured.
6. The disadvantage is that there are upper and lower blind areas. The minimum upper blind area is  0.25 m.



HCDAR-51 is common cable antenna structure, measuring distance up to 30 meters, 2-wire 4-20mA loop current power supply by 24V DC @ HART communication protocol.






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