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HCDAR-53 Solid Powder, Low Dielectric Constant Liquid

Application: Solid Powder, Low Dielectric Constant Liquid
Measuring Range:0~30m
Connection Process:Flange
Medium Temperature:(-40~250)℃
Process Pressure:(-0.1~2)MPa
Signal Output:(4~20)mA HART
Explosion-Proof Grade:Exia IIC T1-T6 Ga
Protection Grade:IP68
Frequency Range:500MHZ~1.8GHZ
Case description

The electromagnetic impulse travels along the steel cable or bar at the speed of light. When it encounters the surface of the measured medium, part of the impulse will be reflected to form an echo and returns to the impulse launcher along the same path. The distance between the launcher and the surface of the measured medium is proportional to the propagation time of the impulse, then we can get the height by calculation. 
H = H - v * t / 2
( In the formula) : h→( level of material) 
H→height of empty status(total height)
V→ Radar wave speed(approximately to light speed 3*108m/s) 
T→Time interval between wave emitted and received 

Guided wave radar level transmitter mainly consists of housing shell, PCB, operation and display panel, flange, antenna, sensor and etc.

3.1  The electromagnetic waves emitted are constant and do not require field verification or migration to change the range.
3.2  Various installing methods, can be connected by thread or flange. 
3.3  Changes in temperature, pressure and density have no effect on the measurement. 
3.4  There are no moving parts during the measuring process, no mechanical parts damaged problems, free maintenance.  
3.5   Almost any liquid or stationary particle medium can be measured. 
3.6   The disadvantage is there are blind zones at the top and bottom. The minimum dead zone on the top is 0.25m.


HCDAR-53 has double cable type guided wave antenna structure, signal strength improved, and be suitable for measuring liquid and powder solid materials with low dielectric constant. 



Hcdar-53 radar manufactured by our company can be used to measure solid powder liquid and low dielectric constant liquid.The picture shows our products installed on the material canister of a chemical plant.The permittivity of the measured materials is low due to complex field conditions. Our hcdar-53 radar is selected after confirmation of the field conditions, which can be determined by users after installation and use for a period of time.In the later stage, 8 sets of products were purchased from our company.


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