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HCDAR-65 River Channel Reservoir Lake Tide

Application: River Channel Reservoir Lake Tide
Measuring Range:0~70m
Connection Process: Stents
Medium Temperature :(-40~120)℃
Process Pressure :Atmospheric Pressure
Accuracy: ±5mm
Signal Output :(4~20)mA HART/RS485 MODBUS
Explosion-Proof Grade:Exia IIC T1-T6 Ga
Protection Grade: IP68
Frequency Range:26GHZ
Case description

Electromagnetic waves travel in space at the speed of light, encountering the surface of the measured medium, some energy will be reflected back and received by the same antenna. According to the time interval between the two pulses, we can get the distance from the antenna to the surface of the measured medium after calculated.

Mainly consists of housing shell, PCB, operation and display panel, flange, antenna, sensor and etc.

● small beam angle, energy concentrated, stronger ability anti-interference, the accuracy and reliability are greatly improved.
● small size antenna, convenient for installing. 
● smaller measuring blind zone, works well for small tank
● shorter wavelength, more suitable for measuring the level of small particle materials
● non-contact measurement,  no abrasion, no pollution.
● signal output has two options: two-wire 4-20mA @HART or four-wire RS485 @MODBUS protocol , four-wire power supply can reach 12V DC as low as possible.

Our product hcdar-65 radar level meter can reach the maximum range of 70 meters, widely used in steel, cement, mining and other large range of objects/liquid level measurement.The picture shows that our hcdar-65 radar level meter is applied to a large storage bin of a new material.Due to the large dust in the feeding process, the user originally reported the idea of trying to install a first, use 1 month after the completion of the installation, the effect is good.Six more radars were immediately ordered for use in other silos.

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