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HCYC Tuning Fork Level Switch

Application:Solid Particles , Powder, Liquid
Medium Temperature:-20~200℃
Time Delay:1-30s
Vibrating frequency:300±50HZ
Contactor Capacity:SPDT 8A/250V AC
Electrical Interface:M20*1.5
Working Pressure:≦2Mpa
Working Voltage:24V DC/220V AC
Protection Grade:IP65
Case description


Tuning fork level switch can measure a variety of material levels, it has wide applicability and extremely high reliability. The products are used in petrochemical,metallurgy, light industry, building materials, environmental protection and other industries, to achieve the monitoring of salt mine storage bins, the reliable measurement of stock bins of foam molding machines and plastic uptake machines(low density foam particles), and precise measurement of cement packaging hoppers, rubber production raw material silos, sintered ash silos in smelters. The tuning fork level switch is easy to install and maintenance free. Its working has nothing to do with the conductivity, dielectric constant, viscosity, pressure and temperature of the liquid. 



The working principle of tuning fork level switch is that the probe is based on the tuning fork design, adopts piezoelectric devices to realized the vibration driving and detection of the fork body. When not in contact with materials, the tuning fork will vibrate at the resonant frequency; once it is contacted by the materials, the vibration amplitude of the tuning fork decreases obviously, and the output signal amplitude of the piezoelectric detection device decreases accordingly. The signal change will be detected and analyzed by the intelligent circuit and a switching signal will be output. 





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HCYC Tuning Fork Level Switch

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