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HCDAR-8T Radar Measuring System

Application:Liquid level measurement in furnace of iron&steel industry
Measuring range:0~100m
Measuring accuracy:<5mm
Pressure of air source:>0.4MPa
Medium temperature:<1200℃
Power supply:AC220V
Working method:Manual / Automatic
Case description


HCDAR-8T radar measuring system is a non-contact material level measurement system  which is specially developed for the accurate measurement of material level and liquid level of furnace charge and iron water tank in the ironmaking industry. The system uses high frequency, high precision FMCW radar (hereinafter referred to as FMCW radar) and some auxiliary equipments for the material level measuring. FMCW radar has advantages of small beam angle to 3°,high accuracy about ±1mm, fast response speed and etc. It is very suitable for small space installation and measurement of solid(including powder) materials. Coupled with the reliable cooling device and protection device, it can deal with the complex conditions easily, especially the measurement of Material level in the blast furnace. 



The system adopts PLC to measure and monitor the nitrogen pressure and radar sensor temperature in real time, it is used for precise control of nitrogen dust removal and cooling, scraping device and protection device to ensure the long term stable operation of radar level sensor. It also uses touch screen to realize man-machine interaction, and display the material level, sensor temperature, pressure of air source, alarm indication and etc.




1. High frequency radar level sensor measurement, high accuracy. 
2. Nitrogen air purge, removal dust and cooling.
3. High temperature plexiglass isolation, good cooling effect and pressure resistant. 
4. Protection device, could protect important parts from damage when an exception occurs.
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HCDAR-8T Radar Measuring System

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