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HCDAR-81 Liquid Solid Powder

Application:Liquid Measurement,Solid,dust
Measuring Range:0~10m
Antenna Type:Lens /PTFE
Mounting Thread:Thread G3.5 Antenna Diameterφ70mm
Beam angle:3°
Response Time:<0.6s ( Due To Parameter Setting)
Medium Temperature: (-40~120)℃
DK Value Of Medium:>1.5
Process Pressure:(-0.1~2)MPa
Case description

HCDAR-8X series radar level sensor is one kind of level measuring instrument which uses FMCW ( Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave ) special millimeter wave technology , the working frequency is 76-81Ghz. The signal output has options : 2 wires 4-20mA, 4 wires 4-20mA or RS485.  The max range can reach 120m, and the blind zone of 8cm. The antenna beam angle is about 3°,the outstanding performance makes it is workable for the accurate measurement of liquids, solids, and powder materials. 
The radar level sensor emits linear frequency modulated pulse signal, and captures the echo wave reflected by the barriers on the path of wave spreading. It combines this two signals by “mixer” , and get an intermediate frequency signal (IF), we will get the distance what we want by process this signal and calculation. 
Distance :  Real Time Value = Distance 
Material Level:  Real Time Value = Low Calibration Point – Distance (Min Is 0)
Empty Height: Real Time Value = Distance – High Calibration Point (Min Is 0)
1. Based on the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor (CMOS) components with high compact architecture, gives higher signal to noise ratio and smaller blind zone. 
2. 5GHz working bandwidth means higher measurement resolution and accuracy. 
3. 3°antenna beam angle, so the interference in the environment has less impact on the instrument and the installation is more convenient. 
4. Shorter wavelength offers better reflection performance on solid surface, so the universal flange is not necessary. 
5. Supporting remote debugging and upgrading, reduce waiting time and improve the working efficiency. 
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型 号::
HCDAR-81 Liquid Solid Powder

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