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Precautions For Installation Of Radar Level Gauge

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Installation method

1. The distance from the installation position to the tank wall is suggested to be 1/6-1/4 of the tank diameter (at least 300mm, concrete tank at least 400mm). Do not install it in the middle of the metal tank.

2. During the installation of obstacles in the tank, pay attention to the distance between the probe and obstacles at least 200mm

3. Elimination of interference echo suppression: the software can realize the suppression of interference echo, so as to achieve the ideal measurement effect of bypass tube and wave guide tube (only applicable to liquid). For the viscosity is not less than 500cst, bypass tube can be adopted to avoid interference.

4. Liquid standard installation

On viscosity of CST 500 or less, is not easy to produce the adhesive medium, tubular probe is a very good solution, its characteristic is as follows: the remarkable reliability can be used in any medium dielectric constant is greater than or equal to 1.4, the measurement of the obstacles and has nothing to do with the medium the electrical conductivity of the tank than bar type spool size does not affect the measurement probe can withstand the lateral pressure is high to high viscosity of the medium, it is recommended to use lever probe.

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