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Automatic Feeding Scheme Of Radar Measuring Material Level Control

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In recent years, the application of automation control in various industries is more and more extensive, which saves human resources and is safe and reliable.The specific installation scheme for the automatic feeding system of a steel company is as follows:

I. project overview

This project is a warehouse feeding system. The hardware adopts Siemens PLC control module, industrial control computer and huachuang intelligent radar level meter.The software adopts Siemens programming software and configuration software WINCC7.0.The general process flow is automatically controlled by the system to feed each stock bin. After the stock bin is filled up, the stock level signal is given through real-time detection by radar object level meter.After the program runs, the feeding belt automatically moves to the next selected bin to continue feeding, and so on.Construction scheme design, the project is selected to a bin as the standard, its main equipment is a radar level meter, proximity switch two;One encoder is installed on each of the two cloth belts. According to the dust condition on site, the purge line can be added to prevent the dust accumulation of radar sensor from affecting the measurement.In addition, a belt material flow detector is added to detect the flow state of materials by using the principle of doppler effect to confirm whether there is any material on the belt.

The radar object level meter of this project is installed outside the skip track of the stock bin.Used for measuring stock level of stock bin.The encoder is installed on the driving wheel of the cloth belt trolley to detect and determine the position of the stock bin where the trolley is.The proximity switch and encoder realize double protection to determine the feeding position of the cloth belt to realize the cloth belt above the selected stock bin.

Ii. Main ideas and final scheme of the scheme design (18 stock silos as examples)



The automatic control requirements of this project are as follows: the operator selects the storehouse that needs to be fed on the industrial computer, notifies the feeding forklift to prepare the feeding, and then starts the system.At this time the cloth belt trolley will be selected according to the warehouse location from small to large in turn in the order of feeding.First, according to the car parking space provided by the cloth belt car coder, the program judges whether the current parking space is above the selected position of the smallest stock bin.If above the selected minimum position, the car will be based on the site proximity switch selected on the bin of two feeding point cloth.(if not, the program determines that the feeding trolley will be controlled to move to the feeding bin and cloth according to the position of the proximity switch.) after identifying the feeding position, the distributor shall first hit the direction of the cloth belt where the material needs to be fed, and then the cloth belt and the main feeding belt shall be successively.After starting the main belt, the forklift starts feeding.Data comparison is made between the two radar level gauge programs of the selected first stock bin. When the stock level is full, the car stops feeding and moves to the next selected stock bin to start feeding.The program terminates after the selected bin is filled in turn.After the last bin is full of materials, the main belt feeding belt is stopped and the cloth belt is delayed when the belt feed flow detector detects that there is no material on the main belt. The material on the belt is pulled empty and the reset system is started.

In order to ensure the construction of the project according to the quality and quantity, our company will select excellent employees with rich construction experience and valid construction operation certificate to participate in the construction, and closely contact with the relevant units on the site, and do all the preparation work;At the same time, we also need the strong support and cooperation of your company's cooperation units to complete the construction task successfully.


control schematic diagram


NO Name Type unit QTY
1 Radar level sensor HCDAR-63 unit 36
2 Distribution control cabinet   set 1
3 cabe RVVP2*1.5 meter 1000
4 cabe RVVP16*1.0 meter 200
5 reticle   meter 300
6 SMF(single mode fiber)   meter 200
7 IPC(Industrial Personal Computer)   utit 1
8 Monitor and program software   set 1

2. Materials provided:

2.1. Provide operation manual;

2.2. Provide operating instructions and maintenance instructions for the radar material level meter.

2.3 party b shall provide on-site operation training and maintenance training for party a's operators;

Iv. Implementation standards of this program

Gbj147-90 code for construction and acceptance of low-voltage electrical appliances in electrical installation engineering

Gb50150-91 electrical equipment handover test standard for electrical equipment installation engineering

Gb50169-92 code for construction and acceptance of grounding device in electrical installation engineering

Construction technology of lightning protection grounding device and electrical grounding device

Jgj46-2005 temporary electrical safety specification for construction site

Gb50231-98 general specification for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation engineering