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Monoflange level transmitter and double-flange level transmitter introduction

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Level transmitter is also for the measurement of the more common instruments, the type of level transmitter has a monoflange and double flange, many people do not know much about these two, today to briefly explain what is a monoflange and double flange transmitter.



Monoflange level transmitter and double-flange level transmitter introduction:


What is a monoflange level transmitter?


Monoflange refers to the positive pressure side of the transmitter is a flange structure, directly connected to the interface of the measurement medium, while the negative pressure side is the use of the pilot tube to measure the medium and the transmitter chamber connected. The advantage is that the measurement accuracy is high, to achieve the measurement specifications of the transmitter, the disadvantage is that the negative pressure pipeline must be absolutely sealed, and the transmitter range migration, calibration should be the negative pressure pipeline of the medium liquid error migration off.


What is a double-flange level transmitter?


Double flange refers to the positive and negative pressure side of the transmitter are flange structure, can be directly connected to the vessel or pipeline to be measured. The advantages are easy installation, easy calibration, and no range migration. The disadvantage is that the measurement accuracy is not high, due to the flange and transmitter between the flexible hose connection, the internal should be filled with silicone oil, so the medium pressure changes in the transmission of a certain deviation, the external temperature change more or less have some impact on the silicone oil, so the measurement reflects a certain error.


The above is about the monoflanges and double flange transmitter product knowledge is introduced, I hope the above content can help you.