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What are the types of radar level meter/level meter?

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There are many kinds of specifications of radar level meter, commonly used non-touch radar level meter has the following three kinds: horn, plane and parabolic surface.



The horn antenna selects the point source emission method, and the radar wave is a dispersive spherical wave, which is mainly used for the liquid level measurement of vaulted tanks that do not need to set up a wave guide tube. Because the whole horn mouth antenna is in the tank, and has almost the same temperature as the tank environment, so it can avoid condensation in the antenna.


Planar antenna technology (also called array antenna technology) uses multi-source emission method, compared with single-point emission source, because its measurement is based on a plane, rather than a definite point, so the emitted radar wave is a plane spiral wave, mainly used for the level measurement of the inner (outer) floating roof tank installed with wave guide tube. The radar wave emitted by the plane antenna has the characteristics of narrow beam and concentrated energy, so the energy touching the wall of the guide tube is very small, and the influence of the roughness of the inner wall of the guide tube is also very small, so the influence of the oil hanging on the wall on the measurement is small.


The parabolic antenna also uses the same point source emission method, the radar wave for the dispersion of the spherical wave, promised near the tank wall device. Usually used in vaulted tanks, the medium is mainly wax oil, residual oil, asphalt and other viscous and easy to condense high temperature oil, the bottom of the tank are equipped with heating steam coils. Due to the high temperature (about 200℃) inside the tank, steam is generated, which makes it easy to form condensation and hang material in the radar antenna part, affecting the accurate measurement of radar level meter, while the drip type design of parabolic antenna radar level meter effectively avoids the condensation and hang material phenomenon. And, the parabolic antenna beam is narrow, so that the radar wave energy is more concentrated and well focused, which can ensure high accuracy of measurement.


Radar level meter in the use of oil measurement in the tank area has played its own common advantages, non-touch measurement, measurement range, high precision, simple installation and other advantages fully satisfied with the tank area oil measurement requirements for accuracy, reliability and stability, digital field bus transmission method can not only save money, and in line with the modern measurement skills towards the integration, digital, network development requirements, radar level meter will continue to play an important role in the tank area oil measurement.


When you choose radar level meter/level meter, you should choose reasonably according to your working conditions.