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Intelligent radar level gauge fault maintenance plan

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Intelligent radar level meter is a high-tech product that uses microwave technology to detect level. The level gauge has the characteristics of good penetrability and strong adaptability to harsh environments and tested materials. Intelligent radar level meter adopts large-scale integrated circuit, radar principle, digital signal processing technology and fast Fourier transform (FFT) technology. Continuous initial measurement can measure the level of liquids and solids (blocks and powders), with the characteristics of long-distance measurement (35 meters) and high accuracy.



If the following faults occur during the use of the intelligent radar level gauge, you can repair it according to the solution provided by us:

1. If the output current is always 4mA and there is no error alarm, then check whether the output is 0.

2. When there is interference echo in the container, then it should:

a. Check whether the level gauge is installed correctly and eliminate installation interference;

b. It can be eliminated by fixed target suppression.

3. If an alarm occurs when the liquid level is within the applicable range, then:

a. If the liquid level drops below the safe distance, the alarm will disappear immediately;

b. This alarm appears when the initial debugging tank is completely empty, which can be eliminated by interference suppression.

4. If the meter head is blocked and the tank full is displayed at the same time, the intelligent radar level gauge should compare its parameter settings. If the parameters are determined to be correct, it can be solved by doing the empty tank spectrum.