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How to improve the accuracy of the radar level gauge?

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Because of the advantages of accurate measurement, easy installation, long service life, and on-site display of liquid level, radar level gauges can be seen in petroleum, chemical, textile, food, pharmaceutical, paper, and environmental protection. But when it comes to the problem of liquid level, many users have responded that the liquid level is inaccurate. The inaccurate liquid level of the radar level gauge will directly affect the accuracy of the radar level gauge. How to improve the accuracy of the radar level gauge? 



1. Reasons for differences in selection

If the measured liquid is too viscous or volatile, it will have a physical impact on the radar level gauge. You can choose a professional model for this situation when choosing.

2. There is a blind spot in the radar level gauge during measurement

There will be two blind zones in the process of instrument measurement, namely the upper blind zone and the lower blind zone. When the measured liquid is too much or too little, it is about to or has reached the upper and lower blind zones, this will cause abnormalities in the radar level gauge measurement.

3. Dielectric constant

When the radar level gauge is measuring, the dielectric constant will also have an impact on the accuracy of the measurement. This requires selecting a suitable radar level gauge according to the dielectric constant of the measured medium when selecting the model.

4. Errors caused by the installation of the instrument

The radar level gauge is durable, and most of the failures are caused by incorrect installation. After purchasing the instrument, it should be installed in strict accordance with the instruction manual under the professional guidance of the engineer.