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Three positions that are not suitable for installing radar level gauges

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The principle of the radar level gauge is embodied in that it is a device that uses the reflection principle as a measurement method. After the pulse wave formed by the pulse is reflected, the measurement operation can be completed by walking along the road, and the test range is also very large. When installing the radar level gauge, there are strict requirements for its position. There are three positions that are not suitable for installing a level gauge.



1. Close to the feed inlet

Because it is close to the feed inlet, the feed will greatly interfere with the propagation and reflection of the radar medium, so when we install the radar level gauge, we should try to stay away from the feed inlet.

2. The round tank is installed in the middle

The radar level gauge is a non-contact level gauge. Because of the beam angle, it should be installed as far away as possible from the pipe wall. However, when it needs to be installed in a circular or arched tank, the installation position cannot be installed in the tank. In the middle of the top, in addition to indirect echoes during normal measurement, it will also be affected by multiple echoes. Multiple echoes may be larger than the signal threshold of true echoes, because multiple echoes can be concentrated through the top, so they cannot be installed in the center position.

3. Radar insertion depth is not enough

During installation, we need to weld the short circuit on site, but we often do not pay attention to the length of the short circuit, which causes the radar level meter probe to still be shorted in, which leads to inaccurate level measurement and the displayed level It is much larger than the actual value and does not change with the height of the object. At this time, it must be noted that after the radar level gauge is installed, the probe must extend into the tank with a distance of less than 10mm to ensure the normal operation of the radar level gauge.