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How to set the range of the radar level meter

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The output signal of the radar level gauge is 485 and 4-20mA. The parameter settings of the 4-20mA radar level gauge are introduced below.


The radar level gauge needs to be parameterized after installation. Generally, pay attention to the following parameters: range, low adjustment value, reference zero point, air height and material height selection.


The low adjustment value is the distance from the bottom of the liquid to the flange plate where the radar is installed as the reference zero point. This value cannot exceed the range, in other words the low adjustment value must be less than the range. The reference zero point corresponds to 4mA, and the low adjustment value corresponds to 20mA. Measure the distance from the flange to the bottom of the liquid, that is, the low adjustment value and input the radar. Select whether the value to be displayed is material height or air height. In practical applications, use the mA file of the multimeter to measure the current value of the radar. Note that the measured current of the radar can only be displayed after 40s. Use the obtained current value to calculate the liquid level with a formula. Assuming that the liquid level value is 200mm smaller (minimum value-empty height = liquid level), the offset must be adjusted. Press the OK button of the programmer to find this parameter item and subtract 200 from the offset value to meet the requirement.