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How to deal with the full scale of the radar level gauge

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The tank is 9 meters high, and the actual liquid level inside is only 3.5 meters, but the data displayed by the radar level gauge is 8.7 meters. This happens mainly because the radar level gauge has a full range.

How to solve the problem of full scale in the field measurement data, our technicians will analyze it.

First of all, we must analyze the specific reasons for the occurrence of full scale. We can use the following solutions according to the reasons:

1. Most of the radar level gauges currently used in China use horn antennas. When the antenna is exposed to dust and volatile liquids, it is easy to solidify and form layers, causing interference, etc.

Solution: You can use the programming function in the radar level gauge to shield false signals. The radar level gauge can emit electromagnetic waves and receive electromagnetic waves normally

2. The liquid level measured by radar is mostly measured in the form of FMCW modulated continuous wave or pulse wave. When some interference signals suddenly appear in the environment, an instantaneous value is likely to be very large or very small.

Solution: a. Find the source of signal interference and solve the problem from the installation method. b. You can use the ground wire to shield the signal.