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Application of Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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There are many kinds of level measuring instruments, ultrasonic level transmitter is just one of them. What is the function of it ? Let me introduce the application of ultrasonic level transmitter in details , hope which can help you to understand for your business or projects.


Ultrasonic wave has good performance when spread in the water, and it will be reflected back when encounters the interface. So, we can get the height of liquid level by measuring the time interval between wave emitted and reflected . Normally it adopts electric excitation to drive the piezoelectric transducer (popular are lead zirconium titanate type, lead magnesium niobate type, barium titanate type) to emit ultrasonic wave, the sound pulse reflected from the surface will be converted into electric pulse by the piezoelectric transducer, the time passing back and forth in liquid will be measured by timing circuit, and according to the propagation speed of ultrasonic wave in liquid, we will get the height of liquid level by calculation. The emission and reception of the ultrasonic wave can be done by same transducer or individually. The ultrasonic level instruments can be divided into liquid medium type, gas medium type and solid medium type according to the different mediums in which the wave will spread.


The advantage of ultrasonic level instrument is that the detecting element doesn’t need to contact with the liquid measured, so it is suitable for the level measurements of strong corrosive, high pressure, toxic, high viscosity liquids. Besides, it isn’t affected by the smoke or light, even electromagnetic interference, could be used to measure the level of different liquids and solid powders, also interface of two different kinds of liquids, different levels of liquids and materials. The solid medium type can measure the level of boiling liquid, it allows some fluctuation of liquid level, such as the fuel tanks of rockets, aircraft, ship. The liquid medium type is popular applied for many industries, the depth measurement of seawater is just using this kind of method.