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Focus On Level Measurement

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Product Introduction 


In the modern industrial production, environmental protection, hydrological detection, the measurement of level, pressure, temperature and so on has an important position and role. In the industrial automation system, the measurement data of level, pressure and temperature can not only ensure the safe operation of equipment to prevent accidents, but also improve the degree of factory automation and the producing efficiency. Since some measuring conditions  don’t have on-site power supply,  the wireless measuring products show great advantages to makeup this point.


Our IOT is a kind of wireless remote measuring device, which integrates solar power supply , measuring instrument and wireless data transmission module.  The device transmits the collected data to an independent cloud server through GPRS or 4G(Mobile, Unicom, Telecom) signal. The cloud platform with C/S architecture is deployed on the server to display the data in the form of web pages and mobile phone apps. The platform also supports remote control, alarm push, report generation, map positioning and so on. The configuration interface can also be designed according to customer requirements to realize equipment process flow chart display.


Our products adopt high-performance server, advanced IOT system, powerful database software and accurate measuring instruments, which will surely provide customers with stable and reliable measurement and satisfactory service.