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Focus On Level Measurement

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Hebei Huachuang M&C Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014, located in Fengnan economical area in Tangshan city, HCCK is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in level measuring instruments. 
Adhering to the craftsman spirit of dedication,professionalism and innovation, Huachuang People are committed to the R&D and producing of level measuring and control technology and supporting IOT software. And developed a system which integrates automatic control and monitoring according to the customer needs. At present,all products have obtained various of international and domestic patents and certificates.Products have been sold to more than 30 provinces in China and several dozens countries abroad.  It has been widely used in electric power, steel, chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, construction, petroleum and other industries.  
After years of unremitting efforts, HCCK has entered the stage of vigorous development. In the future,we will strive for development based on the market and continue to create and innovate. Control quality with more stringent standards, and provide better service for more partners.
HCCK is willing to create and share the glorious future together with you to be much more better. 






Radar level sensor under R&D.

80G radar level sensor and Ultrasonic level sensor under R&D.


start producing of ultrasonic level sensors, developing pressure sensors, marketing areas:28 provinces in

China, and 35 countries.




HCCK founded and start developing of level sensors.

Start producing of radar level sensors. 

International marketing for radar level sensors and domestic sales.





start producing of 80G radars and pressure sensors. Developing economical type 80G radars.


start producing of economical type 80G radars, developing 120G radars, prepare new plant building.